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Tim is the lead developer and co-founder at Parallel, a software company that helps athletic departments build community for career. He played basketball at Colorado State before transferring to finish his playing career at Liberty University.

Like many classic technology stories, Tim's ventures outside of basketball started in a college dorm room. However, it's probably not what you're thinking. In 2008, Tim started playing online poker and quickly worked his way to earning over $100,000 a year. Realizing poker isn't what he wanted for his life, he gives it up and accepts a tech support role at Liberty University. It's here, Tim's curiosity and drive shifts to computer programming and a new journey begins. In a few years, Tim goes from complete novice to full stack developer. During this time, he and co-founder Tyler Baker, grow a software company called TeamSynced from zero to over 350 customers in the college and pro athletic space until ultimately exiting for multiple seven figures. Tim shares his perspective on why the "programming culture" needs the "athletic culture" and how anyone with determination and patience can learn to code.

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Here is the full story of Tim's last few hands at the Sunday Millions tournament where he wont $27,000 in one night.

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Here is a complete list of resources Tim recommends for learning how to code.

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