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Court Whitman has spent most of his professional life leading– as a linebacker with VMI football, in his career in the Army's elite Special Forces, in companies, and now in his own leadership coaching company. And in today's episode, Court shares how playing football in many ways prepared him for a career in leadership. Court and I have an in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation about goals and what makes elite performers elite. Truly inspiring.

In today's episode:

  • Ever question the value of setting goals when you don't know what you want to do? Me, too. Court clears the air.
  • Discover how Court uses "deliberate discomfort" to grow trust in teams and companies.
  • Absorb the tactic court uses to pitch athletes' value to employers– no internships required.

Show Notes

If you liked the sound of life in Elkin, NC, check out the video we sampled about "the coolest small town in North Carolina." Speaking of Elkin, here's a nice career tribute piece on Court's legendary high school coach, Richard Grissom.

Here are a few of the specific career and leadership development resources that Court mentioned on today's show:

  • The VIA Institute on Character - tons of resources on uncovering your core values and understanding how they impact career. The key feature on this site is the Character Strengths Survey.
  • SMART goals - check out this detailed guide, which walks you through the questions to ask as you build goals.
  • Job description databases - this one is comprehensive without being overwhelming. There's also Indeed and Linkedin.