My guest this week is former Duke Baseball player Brett Bartles, who's now the Commercial VP and GM at Kavo Kerr, a Danaher company.

In my conversation with Brett, I've found him to be one of the most self aware individuals I've met. You'll see what I mean when you listen to our conversation.

We discuss his many transitions from baseball to teaching to business school. Along the way, you'll learn how Brett made decisive decisions to pursue what made sense. In hindsight, his decisions are shaping up to be quite the career.

This was one of my favorite conversations to date because of how much I learned during our conversation.

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Show Notes

Check out Brett's baseball stats from two seasons playing in the Cincinnati Reds' farm system. He even spent some time with a team over 2,000 miles away from Duke: the Billings Mustangs (more on that in this spotlight piece from the Billings Gazette.

You heard Brett share about how rewarding his time in Teach For America was. If his stories got you thinking, consider connecting with a recruiter near you.

Brett also shared about his time at Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. If you're serious about the MBA path, this guide from Clear Admit lays out the whole system at Darden– including the interview bidding process that Brett talked about (side note: MBA students also bid on the classes they want to take).

Interested in a career in management like Brett? Here are a few solid guides we found to get you started in your exploration:

Finally, if you're interested in the company that Brett works for now, Danaher, check out their career site here. That page also has a video on the Danaher Business System, which Brett described in the episode.