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My guest today is Blair Berry, the Social Media Manager for the Washington Wizards. Blair graduated from East Carolina in 2018, and since then, she's been racking up credentials in the sports media world. Hard to believe that, at one point, she thought she was getting a late start compared to her peers. Needless to say... she's caught up.

Blair is honest about the challenges of getting into the crowded, super-competitive sports media world. But she also shows us a winning formula for making it happen, one opportunity at a time.

In my conversation with Blair Berry:

  • Discover why former athletes may be in the perfect position to gain experience in sports media– even without the time for a formal internship.
  • Learn Blair's strategy for building a professional brand through your personal social media presence.
  • Hear how internships, side-hustles, and on-campus opportunities equipped Blair for a big-time job with an NBA team.

Bonus Videos

Here's what Blair's experience actually looks and sounds like. Here is the demo reel she compiled as she grew her sports media resume.

She's also got a bunch of great stories on her website here.

Here's the Michael Anube story (part 1 of 3) she mentioned in the podcast: