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To some degree, we are all a product of our environment. But it's the choices we make that ultimately determine where we end up. Fortunately for Johnny, he was able to escape the troubling environment of his youth and choose basketball as a path towards a much brighter future. Today, Johnny is widely known by his Instagram handle @dribble2much and is the founder of HandleLife, a lifestyle brand with over 1.5 million followers across platforms. Creativity, skill and perhaps perfect timing propelled his personal brand into one of the most recognizable names in professional basketball training. Johnny has trained a number of NBA superstars including Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Demar Derozan. He shares is perspective on why following your passion is actually good advice.

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HandleLife Music

Iverson Crosses Jordan

Here is the footage of Allen Iverson crossing Michael Jordan referenced in the podcast.

The And1 Mixtape

Here is the And1 mixtape that inspired Johnny to develop his handle in middle school.