My guest is Zach Maurides, who is the founder and CEO of Teamworks, the leading software provider of operations software to athletic organizations world wide.

The phrase "a glutton for punishment" comes to mind when listening to Zach explain his football career. When Zach talks about his 9 orthopedic surgeries during his college football career at Duke, there isn't the slightest invitation for sympathy. Instead, he tells the story with a sense of genuine accomplishment. It's like he's proud of the pain. And that pain tolerance (i.e. perseverance) is what he attributes as the primary reason for his success with Teamworks. In this episode, Zach shares what he's learned in growing a software startup from 4 guys with a dream to the 100 person machine it is today. If you're an athlete, you'll especially appreciate the unique perspective that only former elite athletes can provide on making the transition to business.

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