My guest is Chris Spatola, sports writer, commentator, and host of the SiriusXM show, "ACC Today."

And that's just the most recent of Chris's transitions to fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Since he graduated from the US Military Academy in 2002, each of his career stops have been more intense than the last-- from serving in Iraq, to serving as an assistant coach on the Duke Men's basketball team... Chris Spatola knows how to transition well when it counts. In today's episode:

  • 1 key thing that can save you from alienating everyone around you after a tough transition.
  • 2 practical tips for landing your first job in broadcasting.
  • The Army Ranger saying that Chris uses to continue performing at the top level.

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Show Notes

Here's Chris Spatola's bio from the US Basketball Association website.

Don't believe that Chris had as dominant a career as we said? Check out this Army basketball record book. (Search for "Spatola" and you'll see how much he shaped the teams he played on.)

When Chris was a sophomore in college, famous sports writer John Feinstein followed him and his Army team (and the other teams in the Patriot League) for a year. The book is The Last Amateurs: Playing for Glory and Honor in Division I College Basketball, and it is a deep dive into college basketball pre-scholarships.

While Chris was at Duke, he coached a long list of future-NBA players. He also did this:

Now that Chris is in sports media, he launches tons of hot takes from his Twitter here: @Chris_Spatola. You can find his SiriusXM show here. He's also written a lot of articles for The Athletic.

Two radio influences Chris mentioned: Dan Patrick Show and Dan Lebatard.

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