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My guest is Bill Mayew, a former UNC-Wilmington basketball standout who is now Professor of Accounting at Duke's Fuqua School of Business. Bill's story is especially powerful for two reasons: (1) He did something that most athletes don't do – he pursued an advanced degree and works in the most rigorous academic research; and (2) He says that sports prepared him for that path. In today's episode:

  • See a day in the life of a university professor – see what it's like to get paid to research topics you're passionate about.
  • Discover how to communicate the value of "stress-testedness" to future employers.  
  • Learn why former athletes so often make excellent teachers and coaches.

Show Notes

Here's Bill Mayew's bio from the Fuqua School of Business. You can see the full list of everything he's published (if that's what you're into) here.

Bill's also been featured in several different places online– like this article about his teaching style, this one that includes some student stories, and this one about his research interests. In 2014, even listed Bill among the 40 best business school professors under age 40.

Oh, yeah– he played college basketball, too.

As we mentioned in the episode, Bill's done a lot of research on using CEOs' vocal patterns to tell if they're lying or not. And we've corralled a few of the pieces he's written (or been featured in) on this topic: this Wall Street Journal article, this Duke feature about CEOs' word choice, and even this NPR Hidden Brain feature about his research.

You can also check out this video feature that Duke did on Bill's work. A great overview of his findings!

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