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My guest is Sebastian Little, a former Yale football player who is now an associate with the McChrystal Group, a world-renowned leadership and performance consulting company.

Seb found his career niche FAST after college. Within just a few months of leaving Yale, he had secured an entry-level role in a field he was passionate about. How'd he do it? By focusing on everything BUT that thing in college. Through intentionally diversifying in college, Seb identified exactly what he wanted to do after college.

In today's episode:

  • Why sometimes, the best thing for the team, is for you to be 100% you.
  • How thinking outside the typical "student-athlete" box multiplied Seb's opportunities at Yale.
  • How to turn LinkedIn contact requests into interviews, internships, and jobs.
  • How to craft compelling interview stories that get you remembered... and hired.

Show Notes

Here's Sebastian's Yale football bio– as well as his bio from the McChrystal Group.

Want to learn more about Seb's influences? There are two great profiles of Seb from his hometown papers here and here. This guy was turning heads!

Another fantastic profile that features everything Seb was doing off-the-field... including dressing up as Spider-Man.

Oh, and don't forget this video of Seb's dance team:

A few of the books that Seb mentioned on the podcast:

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